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Why buy from the Alliance Shop.Com???

This is a Patriotic Veteran owned and operated business. The shop is still in the making and you may find it is not as pretty as other shops, I appologize and ask you to look past that as its fully functional and has all the Amazon, Google and PayPal express checkouts integrated your used to, along with standard credit cards processed securely through PayPal. The Items listed so far are Printed using Printful right here in the USA which is the best Direct to Garment printing service in the business. Shine On produces the Dog Tags, by Moms Right here in the USA also. Made in the USA, or as much as possible is something we should all look for. Markup is 30% or lower,  closer to cost means a great Value for You the Customer. Your business is greatly appreciated. You will be  contributing to an extremely hard working American family just like yours. Standard USA shipping is Free in the USA. Orders may take a bit longer than Amazon Prime... but would you rather really help out a Veterans family or a Billionaire?